A limited batch release, Solera method, blended Scotch whisky with a high percentage of well-aged malts, the Adelphi Private Stock was selected by the first owner of the company to meet his Grandmother’s demand for an “everyday whisky” with complexity. Adelphi Private Stock was selected by Charles MacLean and James Walker in 1993. “e actual recipe of the Adelphi Private Stock remains a closely guarded secret.

Blended from well-aged malt and grain Scotch whiskies, with an emphasis on the Highlands and Islands, this limited-run blend is put together in a solera-based system which retains the consistency from batch to batch.

A favourite tipple of many whisky consumers, writers and purveyors, this blend has an aroma which presents an interesting meeting of north-east and south-west characteristics; Speyside pear-drops and Islay peat smoke. The mouth-feel is quite remarkably smooth, gentle and well balanced. The tip of the tongue detects traces of salt suggesting Skye; a trace of walnuts; the sweet-dry balance is well contrived and prevents the whisky cloying; the finish is satisfyingly extenuated.

Overall impression is full-bodied and civilised; ideal for evening, even post-prandial drinking.

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