Rochfort Coriole White Port Cask


We have hand selected a local South Australian Export Pilsner Malt which produces a rich honey coloured appearance and a highly sweet, yet smooth spirit.

Using traditional methods of production, we pay attention to the temperature of the water whilst “mashing in”. The key is to make sure the grain doesn’t overheat, whilst maintaining the optimal temperature for starch conversion to sugars. We ferment in open top French oak fermenters for a five-day period before distilling through our custom fabricated copper wash still. A run through our custom designed copper spirit still on day seven finalises refinement of the new make spirit.

Winery Partner
Coriole was founded by Hugh and Molly Lloyd in 1967. In 1969, the first Coriole wine was released and half a century later, the Lloyd family continues to produce wines in McLaren Vale using the same vines.

Barrel Selection – “Coriole White Port Cask”
A remarkable timepiece displaying the history and flavours of maturation over the generations. Over 100 years old and being passed through several families, this fortified cask was taken on by the Lloyd family in 1967 and was nurtured over the remaining decades. One of the most spectacular casks we’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years, its intensity of character and depth are astonishing.

A floral basket greets the nose before a darker, richer finish of cinnamon, vanilla and dark chocolate fill the glass. A tingling of spice on the front palate leads to roasted stone fruits, butterscotch and rich malt biscuit on the finish. A big, thick, expressive dram with a complex transition between savoury and sweet. This one will leave the mouth watering and craving another taste.

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