Kavalan King Car 40th Anniversary Edition 56.3%


Kavalan take pride not just in producing whisky but also creating an experience. This single cask whisky has been created to celebrate a milestone by their owners King Car. Aged in ‘Highly Exclusive” red wine casks this limited edition signifies 40 years of the King Car Company.

Nose: Open the bottle and you get a burst of dark fruits and toffee. Burnt spun sugar, cantaloupe melon, some herbal notes of oregano and thyme. Polished mahogany leads to strawberries and poached plums with charred oak. Simply stunning.

Palate: Incredibly smooth and delicious. Icing sugar, vanilla toffee creams, melon and grapefruits. More of the barrel char balances with summer berries and creamy toffee.

Finish: Cabernet Sauvignon, silky and smooth, long and luxurious with balanced oak.

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